Partners In Crime

2008-08-07 05:48:43 by unknowncat

Hello again, just announcing that Jack Dalley and I (very formal) are working on a trilogy flash animation called Partners In Crime. The first of three should be released in September some time and the rest, who knows.
The story is a complicated one; One of the main characters called Richard, who lives on his own, is part of a gang. He meets up regularly with his "partner in crime" (who's name is yet to be decided) at a undisclosed location to discuss general problems and to just catch up.
This is where the action begins; they both get involved in a street fight with a member of another gang and then it evolves into allot of action from there onwards, into the next episodes... where richard and his "partner in crime" fight side by side.

As I have already said this is a collaboration between me and Jack Dalley (check out his profile here).

Also leave a comment if you are interested in doing some voice acting or contact me here:
or just leave a general comment.



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